You Don't Need to Do It All Alone

You Don't Need to Do It All Alone

A caregiver can help in Casper, WY and surrounding cities

When you're living on your own and need assistance with all types of daily tasks, get help from a professional caregiver. Intermountain Home Companions, Inc will provide the help you need to get through your day in Casper, WY.

You can schedule 24/7 assistance based on your needs. An experienced and professional caregiver will assist you with:

  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Companionship
  • Transportation
  • Shopping

We're experienced in dealing with Alzheimer's care. Contact Intermountain Home Companions, Inc today to speak with a caregiver in Casper, Wyoming and surrounding cities.

We'll get you where you need to go

We're the area's only home health agency that provides transportation assistance when you need to get to the doctor's office, the mall or out to eat. It's important to have access to travel services so you can make appointments, get fresh air and simply go to the store when you need to.

Schedule transportation assistance in the Casper, WY area by calling Intermountain Home Companions, Inc today.